Passionate About OSS Consulting and Integration

An OSS implementation can be like a giant octopus. Just when you think you have all the tentacles covered, another whacks you on the back of the head.

OSS (Operational Support Systems) potentially touch all parts of a service provider’s business (corporate, sales, operations, engineering / design, etc) and incorporate elements of technology, process and people. This is why Operational Support System / Business Support System (OSS/BSS) and Network Management Systems (NMS) can be referred to as The OctopOSS. It’s the diversity of this challenge that explains why I, and so many others are Passionate About OSS strategy, projects and products.

Have you been tasked with:

  1. Defining an OSS strategy, opportunity or road-map
  2. Managing the tentacles of an existing OSS or
  3. Implementing an OctopOSS project provides the insights, strategies, information and tools that will help you to tame your OctopOSS.

I’m Ryan Jeffery and the tools and systems provided for you here are some of the many that have been refined whilst supporting a multitude of customers as an OSS and ICT Consultant.

This site provides you with a stream of new information via the (almost) daily blog. And in case you want more, there’s also my new book —>

Happy OctopOSS taming!