Passionate About OSS Consulting and Implementation

Here at Passionate About OSS, we are exactly that – Passionate About OSS (Operational Support Systems).

From their humble beginnings, OSS are now far more than operational tools, supporting all foundations of a modern digital service provider’s business (corporate, sales, engineering / design, field-work, customer contact, etc). With this vast increase in sophistication has come a corresponding increase in complexity – a complexity that can be difficult to manage.

OSS are a fundamental requirement for any organisation that relies on digital communications networks. However, complexity is holding back the OSS industry from having an even bigger impact on the effectiveness of digital business models.

Passionate About OSS takes a contrarian view to most in the industry – tackling complexity reduction from the perspective of the business challenge, rather than the technical challenge.

If you’ve been tasked with:

  1. Finding the best OSS product / vendor for your needs;
  2. Managing / building a new or existing OSS; or
  3. Building compelling OSS collateral – for an offer, road-map or business case

then provides the insights, strategies, frameworks and collateral that will help you.

The OSS tools and systems provided for you here are just a few of the many that we have developed and refined across a multitude of OSS and ICT Consultancies for our clients.

If you share our passion for OSS and are looking for a regular fix on all things OSS, our (almost) daily blog provides news, innovation updates, insights and stories all relating to the fascinating world of OSS. Subscribe by entering your address in the form at the top-right of the page.

And in case you still want more, there’s also the book, Mastering your OSS