Passionate About OSS Consulting and Implementation

Here at Passionate About OSS, we are exactly that – Passionate About OSS (Operational Support Systems). We remain so in spite of the many challenges every OSS project faces.

A network operator’s business model is underpinned by two key elements. Customers who want to pay for services that allow them to communicate. And a network to carry their communications traffic from one place to another.

OSS (Operational Support Systems) provide the network operator with tools to design / build / manage and maintain the network and related resources.

BSS (Business Support Systems) provide the network operator with tools to design products for customers, create / manage / maintain customer services and bill customers for their service usage.

From humble beginnings, OSS are now far more than operational tools. They are a foundation that every network operator’s business is built upon. They impact almost all business units. This includes sales, engineering / design, field-work, support, network health assurance and much more.

The increase in sophistication has introduced a corresponding increase in complexity. And with complexity comes the downside – the risks, costs and delays that OSS have become synonomous with. Stress arises because of one very important reason. OSS challenges impede the service provider from doing what it exists to do. That is provide communications services for its customers.

That’s where Passionate About OSS comes in.

You may have noticed that most people in the OSS industry treat it as a tech-centric challenge to solve. Unfortunately, technology exacerbates solution complexity too often. We also come from technology backgrounds, but Passionate About OSS takes a contrarian view. We approach our clients’ challenges from the perspective of cultural change as well as complexity / risk reduction.

If you’ve been tasked with:

  1. Buying an OSS – Find the best OSS product / vendor for your needs;
  2. Implementing an OSS – Initiate business improvement by implementing a new / updated OSS; or
  3. Selling an OSS – Create compelling OSS collateral – for an offer, marketing, road-map or business case

then can help. We provide the strategies, frameworks and material to improve usability and reduce complexity and risk.

Some of our techniques are found in the OSS tools and systems provided free for you here. These are just a few of the many that we’ve developed across a multitude of OSS and ICT Consultancies for our clients.

If you need guidance or would like to share the challenges you’re facing on your unique OSS, contact us here. We’d be delighted to listen and assist.

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