A shortage of feedback

Why do so many of the new buzz technologies, such as Internet of Things and analytics exist to provide faster / better feedback but OSS generally doesn’t make more use of it?

Sure, we provide dashboards and lists that provide customers with feedback, but are we using feedback enough to make our solutions better?

We don’t use enough of the feedback loops described here (I hope you’ll take a minute to check it out) to constantly monitor and refine the process of using our OSS. This could include data entry, designs, data integrity and constant learning.

We also don’t tend to get enough of an understanding of the when, how, why and how often regarding the use of our tools (and the components within). This could include logging usage patterns or more fundamentally, spending time with customers as they do their daily activities.

For an industry that exists to give feedback, we sometimes don’t make the best use of it ourselves do we?

Do you have any examples where you’ve used feedback to revolutionise the use of your OSS?

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