Bhutan Telecom selects Ericsson BSS

Bhutan Telecom selects Ericsson for BSS overhaul.

Bhutan Telecom has contracted Ericsson to transform its billing systems into a single environment supporting mobile, fixed line and broadband services.

The operator has signed a BSS transformation contract with Ericsson covering the provision of a convergent platform for all billing needs.

Ericsson will be responsible for design, deployment and systems integration of the platform, which the companies aim to have operational by the third quarter.

Bhutan Telecom is conducting the project to allow it to more flexibly launch promotions and notifications, offer cross-service bundling, and design and offer promotions and campaigns in real-time.

“This transformation will help us to standardize and modernize our billing systems. We will be able to introduce innovative offers for our customers, and at the same time manage differential charging options effectively,” Bhutan Telecom CEO Tshewang Gyeltshen said.

Butan Telecom is the market’s largest operator and the only fixed-line telephony services provider in the country. The company also the nation’s largest GSM mobile operator and its largest broadband service provider.


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