Comptel partners with Capana

Comptel Partners with Capana to Strengthen Intelligent Data Capabilities.

Comptel Corporation announced that it has signed a global partnership agreement with Capana Corporation, a provider of revenue management solutions. Capana’s CapSettle product supports operators to cost-effectively deploy fast and accurate traditional interconnect and roaming solutions as well as multi-partner settlements solutions. Comptel will resell CapSettle within its Intelligent Data solution portfolio, introducing a wholesale approach to billing.

Capana’s solutions have been successfully deployed all over the world with hundreds of millions of transactions handled daily, providing billing and revenue assurance for telecom operators.

“We’re excited to work with Capana and look forward to the opportunities it will open up for us,” said Tero Lindholm, VP, Intelligent Data Business Unit, Comptel. “As the Internet of Things, mobile virtual network operators and digital service providers see continued growth, the future of the telco business is increasingly moving towards wholesale business models.”

Lindholm continued, “With CapSettle, we are in a better position to meet the widespread demand we’re seeing from our existing and prospective customers for capabilities in Wholesale Billing and Partner Settlements.”

“We are obviously very pleased and honored being selected Comptel’s global partner for Wholesale Billing and Partner Settlements. With our common view of the emerging digital market, combining our CapSettle product with Comptel’s strong portfolio, we see a growing market that we jointly can address to the benefit of our customers.”, said Patrik Simson, CEO, Capana.

Comptel will resell CapSettle within its Data Refinery suite, adding to its convergent mediation, enterprise data management and roaming management capabilities. CapSettle also has strong synergies with Monetizer, and will eventually be offered to complement Monetizer’s policy control, online charging and convergent rating capabilities with the ability to manage reported usage events and settlements associated to e.g. wholesale, OTT or MVNO related usage of services. Support and maintenance will be offered jointly by both companies.

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