Corning glass in OSS

l love this YouTube video by Corning. l love the future-thinking in relation to how we will interact with the spaces around us. l love the way they’ve turned a blank canvas like our sliding mirror door into an interactive panel.

Did you notice the touch panel at around 2:40 into the video? Do you have any ideas for how something like this could be used in our industry? Two that immediately sprung to my mind are:

  • Resolving cross-domain or complex incidents and
  • Designing cross-domain network or service diagrams

Can you see this becoming a standard input / output technique in OSS? Which of the two options (wall or table panel) do you think would be more useful?

Have you already heard of any OSS organisations or service providers developing tools to make use of these types of panels (which are already available on a smaller scale BTW)?

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