Courageous decisions

In many posts (including this one) I have talked about the need for us as an industry to look beyond the current catch-cries of “differentiation” in OSS proposals:

  • Cost-out
  • More functionality

It’s easy to make such bold encouragement in a blog where there are no ramifications for stepping outside the norm. Much harder when actually in charge of a company, business unit or account worth multiple millions of dollars, to diverge in strategy from what customers have become so accustomed to.

They expect to be wowed by a myriad of features (even if they won’t use them) or promises of operational cost reductions (even if there is no way of proving them prior to implementation).

Looking introspectively, would I have the confidence to take the entirely different path that I’m imploring the industry to take? Would I put my money where my mouth is?

l am supremely confident that the path to rapid improvement for the OSS industry is a less but better mindset and to look at adding value far beyond the confines of operational business units.

Would you do it?

Would I do it?

YES! ….. (i think).

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