Critical OSS mass

The OSS market is segmented. That means its talent is too.
The question I often ponder is how do we reach the critical mass of talent required to take OSS to its lofty potential?
How do we get its virtuosos in a single place for months on end to solve its biggest problems (and there are many)?

I assume the answer lies in providing the right incentives to do so, but what are the incentives? Even if the incentive is purely altruistic (eg the achievement of solving OSS‘ biggest problems), the logistics of achieving a meeting of the minds would require an organisation capable of sustained, significant funding. Not only that, but be willing to fund lengthy, unfettered research.

Since even the standards bodies are fragmented, which organisation could that be? Or does it have to be a crowd effort?

With segmented talent, I’m not even sure we’re identifying the right problems let alone solving them.

We’re not solving the complexity dilemma.
We haven’t cracked the code of insight generation out of the ever-increasing waves of information.
We haven’t built a story of OSS benefits that extends beyond the intangible and becomes broadly perceived as improving the lives of many.
Do we even know what information services will improve the lives of many?
What invention does OSS need most to change society?

How do we extricate ourselves from the deluge of daily activities to find enough time to contribute to a grand plan?

The other question I ponder is what small actions I could contribute towards building a critical mass. Similarly, is there anything you can do? Or think of?

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