Econet Wireless Burundi signs with ZTE

ZTEsoft Partners with Econet Wireless Burundi for Consolidated Network Billing.

ZTEsoft, a leading provider of telecom software, solutions and services, has announced a deal with Econet Wireless Burundi, the largest mobile operator in Burundi with more than 2.7 million subscribers. This will see the deployment of ZSmart cvBS V8.0 (convergent billing system) to support Econet Burundi’s consolidated network with U-COM/Leo.

Econet Wireless is a diversified telecommunications group with operations and investments in Africa, Europe, South America and the East Asia Pacific Rim. After the 2014 acquisition of U-COM/Leo, Econet Wireless Burundi required a superior and convergent billing system to offer its customers a unified experience.

“Customers today, in all markets, expect a unified service experience. They also expect communication service providers (CSPs) to compete and innovate on new services quickly. A fully convergent billing system enables CSPs to provide innovative new services with a unified experience”, said Xiao Zhengcang, General Manager of ZSmart BSS product line. “ZTEsoft’s convergent charging solution supports Econet Burundi’s business strategy and we are confident it will strengthen the brand after the two networks merge.”

ZSmart cvBS V8.0 is the latest iteration of ZTEsoft’s convergent billing system and features open and cloud-based architecture designed for easy integration, and big data analytics that result in a higher quality customer experience and loyalty management, as well as supporting multiple business models. ZSmart cvBS V8.0 provides Econet Burundi with a foundation for long-term business development and business agility for time-to-market demands.

This latest deal stands as a significant milestone for ZTEsoft in expanding its footprint within Econet Wireless Group. To date, ZSmart solutions have been deployed in more than 70 countries, serving more than 550 million subscribers through more than 120 operators globally.

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