ETSI Open Source MANO unveils Release SEVEN

ETSI Open Source MANO unveils Release SEVEN, enables more than 20,000 cloud-native applications for NFV environments!

The ETSI Open Source MANO group is pleased to unveil its latest release, OSM Release SEVEN. This release brings cloud-native applications to NFV deployments, enabling OSM to on-board over 20,000 pre-existing production-ready Kubernetes applications, with no need of any translation or repackaging. OSM release SEVEN allows you to combine within the same Network Service the flexibility of cloud-native applications with the predictability of traditional virtual and physical network functions (VNFs and PNFs) and all the required advanced networking required to build complex end to end telecom services.

OSM Release SEVEN is at the forefront of Edge and 5G operations technology, deploying and operating containerized network functions on Kubernetes” said Arno Van Huyssteen, Director of Telco Field Engineering at Canonical. “Complete lifecycle management, automated integration and ongoing workload operations make OSM the leading multi-vendor, multi-cloud MANO solution. Canonical is delighted to support OSM in partnership with leading systems integrators.

In addition, Release SEVEN extends OSM’s SDN framework to support the next generation of SDN solutions providing higher level primitives, increasing the number of available options for supporting I/O-intensive applications. Furthermore, the plugin models for intra and inter-datacenter SDN have been consolidated, and the management, addition and maintenance of SDN plugins significantly simplified.

We are very excited with the launch of the new release, featuring a brand new integration with Kubernetes and a number of features focused on carrier-grade production environments. Whitestack’s WhiteNFV “Castelldefels” version, based on OSM Release SEVEN, will keep on making real NFV possible, while dramatically simplifying and reducing the cost of the network functions lifecycle” says Joris Vleminckx, COO at Whitestack. “We are very proud to be members and key contributors of this community!

Release SEVEN also brings major enhancements designed to improve the overall user experience and interoperability choices. This includes an improved workflow for VNF configuration which allows much faster and complex operations, and the support of additional types of infrastructures, such as Azure and VMware’s vCD 10, complementing the previously available choices (OpenStack-based VIMs, VMware VIO, VMware vCD, AWS, Fog05 and OpenVIM).

OSM SEVEN brings in support for cloud native apps with distributed configuration and monitoring making it truly ready for building software centric enterprise and operator networks in a smarter and faster way” says Ramesh Ramanathan, Principal Architect, CTO Office, TATA Elxsi. “Tata Elxsi is excited to bring in Release SEVEN features to TEOSM and couple it with its OSS/BSS Microservices for building truly next generation 5G networks.

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