Expensive Professionals

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur
Red Adair

It conservatively takes six months for a Telco or IT expert to become valuable* as an OSS implementer (as opposed to an OSS operator). If you’re considering implementation of a new OSS and don’t have anyone on your team who has significant OSS implementation experience, it is highly recommended to bring in an OSS consultant or contractor to assist your organisation even before you start dealing with OSS vendors.

It is preferable to use someone (or a team) with cross-domain experience and has been whacked by many different breeds of OctopOSS in the past. Ask them to speak of the challenges that they’ve experienced (and overcome) and you’ll get a feeling for how they’ll be able to assist you with unseen challenges and why I refer to OSS projects as OctopOSS implementations.

Just a handful of insights could prevent project derailment to the tune of millions of dollars.

* Experienced ICT people will definitely add value to a project straight away, but by “valuable,” I mean adding significantly more value to the project than what they draw in a salary. In the first six months, most OSS newbies are scrambling to bring enough jigsaw pieces together to grasp what the full picture looks like.

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