Front line responders

Whether you have a simple residential telco service or have a large organisation with a correspondingly large managed services contract, it’s most likely that the CSP‘s contact centre staff are the front-line responders to any queries or concerns you have. In many cases, they’re the only staff that are responding.

In the modern era of social media, these contact centre staff are arguably more influential on a CSP‘s brand collectively than is the senior executive team. Given that they’re the CSP‘s front-line and have significant influence on customer satisfaction, I’m quite surprised that they are seen as cheap or outsourceable resources.

I’m also surprised that they are often (but not always) overlooked when building operational tools. Ideally, contact centre staff should have all associated breadcrumbs from all of their OSSBSS at their fingertips about a customer as soon as they identify which customer is calling. They should also have decision support systems (DSS) to help guide the operator (and in turn, the customer) through rare or complex situations.

How many CSPs do you know that provide this type of capability to their first responders?

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