How big is loT?

With an ecosystem of more than 1,000 channel partners and revenue from its IoT and telematics solutions totaling $495 million year-to-date, Verizon is generating one of the largest amounts of revenue from the Internet of Things of any company in the U.S.
This issue of Pipeline.

Noting that telcos have been offering telemetry services for years and have long-standing contracts that I’m sure Verizon is including in the $0.5B, this is still a very significant revenue stream. Yet it remains a market of even bigger potential.

Combine this with anecdotal evidence that profit margins are up to 90% and revenue is incremental to investment in infrastructure for other purposes (eg cellular services) then you can see why carriers are so excited about the potential of IoT (Internet of Things).

What is your OSS doing to leverage this excitement and add value to this movement?

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