How can I add value to you?

Today’s blog is all about you (actually they all have you in mind collectively, but this one encourages you to voice your specific obstacles to progress).

In the world of OSS (or perhaps even beyond), what value can I add that goes beyond the generalities of a blog and will help you get what you want? Is there any specific challenge that is preventing you from getting to where you want (or need) to go?

My role as an ICT and OSS consultant can be broken down into two key attributes :

  1. Being a connector (of people, ideas, technologies, products, methodologies, companies, customers, etc) and coach
  2. Producing an outcome that is not possible to do in-house given the constraints that exist in time, resources, skill-sets, priorities, etc

Who do you need to connect with who would be able to help you resolve a problem or jump to the next level? What technology do you want to know more about such as whether it fits your business objectives for the future?

What else is vexing you?

Leave me a message below and I’ll hopefully be able to produce an outcome or connection that can assist you in some meaningful way.

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