How does blockchain assist OSS?

Your first answer to the headline question today will probably relate to Bitcoin transactions. That would indeed be a clever answer but there is more potential in blockchain for OSS / BSS than just crypto-currencies.

I figure that it could be applicable for the following use cases and probably many more:

  1. Obviously billing reconciliation (and disputes) becomes superseded by the public ledger of the blockchain
  2. Data reconciliation across interfaces (particularly cross-party interfaces)
  3. Event transaction logging and management (eg automating the management of large numbers of sensors in an IoT network)
  4. Point of Interconnect (PoI) and network federation, especially in relation to the financial implications in point 1 above
  5. Automated contract handling (eg SLAs, QoS, delivery times, etc), such as the automatic triggering of actions if certain contractual criteria aren’t met (eg SLA threshold breach)
  6. Resource allocation (especially in virtualised networking)
  7. Licensing, particularly where transient resources are involved like virtualised networking
  8. Security / authentications
  9. Asset lifecycle management
  10. And the big one could be in the additional automation of ITIL processes

Thanks to my friend Mike for bouncing ideas around on this one! Interestingly, Mike feels that SSL could be made redundant, especially considering the rumoured security breach of some certifications back in 2011.

What opportunities do you feel blockchain opens up for OSS that I’ve overlooked?

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