How far are you willing to go?

How far would you go to find your passion?
Drew Dudley
in this thought-provoking blog entry that I really recommend that you should read.

OSS are one of the fundamental building blocks of the Communications Networks that are driving the Digital Revolution. OSS have the ability to make the Digital experience better. As a rule, OSS have so many ways to improve that almost any effort you dedicate will contribute towards better OSS.

The URL of this site clearly indicates that I have a passion for OSS. This passion has taken me out of my comfort zone, taken me to a dozen countries and introduced me to my wife. I’m still figuring out how much further I’m willing to go to help make OSS contribute even more to the digital revolution and the people/organisations that are making it happen.

Do you share this passion for OSS? How far has it taken you? What has it contributed to your life along the way? Do you need additional support for your project/s that will revolutionise our industry?

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