How to establish a programmatic interface to passive equipment?

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André Gide

CSPs have installed Network Management Systems (NMS) to manage their active network equipment, receiving near-real-time data feeds from these devices, allowing the operator to understand their current status. This allows the company to “discover” and manage network assets automatically using the NMS.

However for most network operators, they have no mechanism for receiving automated data from passive network devices such as cables, pits, conduits, racks, joints, etc. The same applies when active equipment such as switches, routers, multiplexers, etc are not turned on (eg in a warehouse or being repaired), they are unable to send status data to the NMS. Passive devices require asset data to be updated manually, which introduces the possibility of data entry issues.

But what if I tell you that I can provide you with a programmatic interface from your passive equipment to your OSS? I have a method that can deliver on this claim but I need a CSPs network to trial and refine the mechanism on. Would you and your organisation like to be the guinea pig to field-trial my innovation?

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