I need automations now!

“…our research suggests that as many as 45 percent of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies. In the United States, these activities represent about $2 trillion in annual wages. Although we often think of automation primarily affecting low-skill, low-wage roles, we discovered that even the highest-paid occupations in the economy, such as financial managers, physicians, and senior executives, including CEOs, have a significant amount of activity that can be automated.”
McKinsey Quarterly
article entitled “Four fundamentals of workplace automation.”

Two of the biggest catch-phrases in OSS vendor selections right now are “cost out” and “automation,” which are effectively the former.

Unfortunately the biggest challenge to automating our OSS is complexity. The more complexity in the underlying systems and processes, the more complexity there will be in the automation. It becomes something of a perpetual cycle.

By analogy, the rules of chess are far more challenging than tic-tac-toe. So building chess automations are correspondingly far more complex than tic-tac-toe. Which would be more expensive to buy do you think?

So for organisations that want automations, I’d suggest first looking at how you can drastically simplify your underlying processes and systems before seeking to automate within your OSS.

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