I’d hate to alarm you…

… but I will because I’m alarmed. 🙂

The advent of network virtualisation, cloud-scaling and API / microservice-centric OSS means that the security attack surface changes significantly compared with old-style solutions. We now have to consider a more diverse application stack, often where parts of the stack are outside our control because they’re As A Service (XaaS) offerings from other suppliers. Even a DevOps implementation approach can introduce vulnerabilities.

With these new approaches, service providers are tending to take on more of the development / integration effort internally. This means that service providers can no longer rely so heavily on their vendors / integrators to ensure that their OSS solutions are hardened. Security definitely takes a much bigger step up in the list of requirements / priorities / challenges on a modern OSS implementation.

This article from Aricent provides a few insights on the security implications of a modern API architecture.

* Please note that I am not endorsing Aricent products here as I have never used them, but they do provide some thought-provoking ideas for those tasked with securing their OSS.

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