If it’s small and reversible….

If it’s small and reversible then it’s an experiment. If not, it’s a commitment.”
Author unknown but revered

With our traditional, monolithic OSS there don’t tend to be many changes that are small and reversible unless you are controlling the code and its development. We always seem to do things on a grand scale!

We spoke recently about how data does readily allow for experimentation. We’ve also spoken about how DevOps is a new paradigm of ongoing, rapid software prototyping.

The successful OSS of the near future are likely to provide their customers with more flexibility to test and experiment with owning the code.

Platforms that allow for easy aggregation and manipulation of unstructured (or structured) data are already used by CSPs for rapid implementation whilst waiting for their monoliths to be implemented over a period of many months or years.

But many are realising that the short-term solution is actually allowing for more capability and flexibility than they first thought. This makes them more attractive as long-term solutions.

I expect that there is a great room for product development in the cross-over space between the monolithic CSP-specific solutions and the industry-independent rapid data prototyping tools.

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