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In the end it is subscribers who pay the bills. And subscribers, though often sold on the gadgets and networks technologies powering their favourite services, in the end it is the delivery of the service that matters. Whether they stream or download content over one technology or another isn’t important to them, their main concern is having a connection capable of delivering the service wherever and whenever they want it. If such services are not available, operators not only miss out on revenue opportunities, but their subscribers become frustrated by the lack of connectivity and go elsewhere. No operator can afford this in an environment where more and more countries now have greater than 100% mobile penetration and falling voice and SMS revenue streams.”
Tony Kalcina

As Tony points out, improvements in mobile technologies are having a significant impact on the way consumers access content.

There are a number of down-stream ramifications for the OSS vendors. Firstly, cross-platform service bundling adds an extra layer of complexity for the OSS to monitor and manage to deliver a seamless customer experience.

But more importantly, it represents the opportunity for OSS to climb further up the value chain. The OSS is no longer just responsible for offering network assurance, but ensuring the whole “network -> service -> content -> customer experience” stack is assured.

Whilst the CSP‘s subscribers might be paying for network and services, they’re generally only interested in the content that they consume and whether the consumption experience was a positive one.

Can your OSS handle the additional complexity that comes with climbing this value chain?

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