Jibe Mobile acquired by Google

Jibe Mobile has been acquired by Google.

Jibe Mobile has been acquired by Google. This is an exciting day for the entire Jibe community as we embark on this new chapter. We’d especially like to thank our Carrier customers, investors, partners, and most importantly, the end users of our messaging service, for their passion and engagement.

“We’re very excited to announce that the Jibe Mobile team is joining Google to help us bring RCS to a global audience. Jibe is a leading provider of RCS services and they’ll continue helping carriers easily deploy RCS to their users. We can’t wait to work with them and build on the great work that they’ve already done,” Google. Read More on the Android Blog »

Jibe’s Founder and CEO, Amir Sarhangi, captured Jibe’s vision for industry transformation when he said, ”The big opportunity we saw at the start was to change the way people communicate using their mobile phones.” Read More at JibeMobile.com »

Together, we have revolutionized carrier messaging by innovating through short development cycles, becoming agile by deploying in the cloud, more closely listening to the user through analytics and feedback, and significantly reducing costs by introducing a software as a service business model. Now with Google we will continue to help mobile operators and device makers accelerate the development and adoption of RCS. We are looking forward to talking with each one of you as we begin this new adventure.

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