Let me enterTrain you

Just take a look at the menu
We give you rock a la carte
We’ll breakfast at Tiffany’s
We’ll sing to you in Japanese
We’re only here to entertain you


I recently sat in on a presentation that wasn’t about OSS or even ICT funnily enough, but it did remind me of many OSS presentations I’ve witnessed in the past.

OSS sales presentations and training courses tend to be very dry, boring affairs. Interestingly, in my experience there seems to have been a correlation between the energy levels of a sales or training presentation and how successful I have perceived it to have been.

Do you think these 10 commandments for giving the perfect presentation might be a good starting point for the OSS world to take on board?

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2 thoughts on “Let me enterTrain you

  1. Loved the commandments, especially number 1.

    I like to thank the audience first (not just the “compulsory” last slide thank you). You get a chance to tell them what to expect as their reward. Try “I’m going to give you 10 great thoughts(questions, ideas..) to take away. Watch out for them.” Now you’ve gameified your presentation – it’s a treasure hunt!

    But – make it easy – tell them when the great thing is on the screen. Make it bold/buzzy/obvious. And make sure the last one is at the end.

    Keep smiling and sock it to them.

  2. Great stuff Steve!

    I love the concept of gamifification in OSS but I had never thought of extending that to presentations. Great Idea.

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