Location-based Services

Bandwidth is ubiquitous and is becoming increasingly commoditised. So how will the CSPs of the future differentiate and build profitable services?

One model is based on content. CSPs could potentially buy the rights to high-value content (eg live football games) and offer this as an exclusive service to their customers (and any new customer that desires access to the content). To take this a step further, premium content could be offered on a location-based service such as football fans being able to see multiple camera-angle replays on their smart-phones if watching live at the stadium.

Could stadium owners offer in-stadium wi-fi and broadcast “Access all areas” content to the hand-sets of their audience, billing the service back via the CSP?  Integration with social media could introduce closed user interaction groups to discuss the state of play or become involved in real-time polls such as best player. Integration with an app that allows ordering food and beverages to be delivered to your seat.

There are many other possibilities including online tour-guides, site induction, emergency services command & control and many others.

In addition to customer acquisition, this introduces new up-sell, cross-sell and loyalty marketing opportunities to targeted markets (captive audiences to pardon the pun).

Have you noticed that the most successful services on the Internet (think Facebook, Twitter, etc) are all about establishing connections. Spatial-based services can provide the connections between congregations of like-minded individuals for sport or cultural events, work, shopping, etc.

How many B/OSS can support spatial-based service bundles by their CSPs?

Will this become a B/OSS differentiator in the near future?

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