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Do end customers buy bandwidth off CSPs because they really want a data service? No?

To deliver entertainment services; to deliver communications with friends, family and customers; to deliver learnIng; to facilitate shopping; to spread an organisation’s selling messages across multiple channels and provide near-real-time response metrics on each; to build marketplaces; to deliver; to collaborate; to share; Yes?

The services, content and applications that customers find valuable aren’t the ones that traditional CSPs are selling. They also aren’t the services, content and applications that traditional OSS are supporting.

Netflix-like business models have an advantage over CSP models because they can dedicate large percentages of their cash to gaining exclusive access to content that subscribers find most attractive, without the massive expense of building and maintaining a network that distributes content. In most of the developed world, bandwidth is already available from at least one, and usually more, providers so distribution already caters for a large potential audience. But desirable content is unique and exclusivity rights restrict where it can be accessed from.

OSS don’t tend to offer any ability for their CSPs to generate anything exclusive or valuable for their customers.

How do we build the ecosystems that make content delivery attractive, application delivery exclusive, services and insights that help end customers make money, to develop marketplaces for the end customers, to make their lives easier or their lifestyles better?

We’re building tools for the conduit to value, not the value itself.

The value dynamic has shifted, leading CSPs to evolve towards digital service provision (DSP) business models, so we have to help them get there with the tools we provide.

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