Managing satellites

Douglas Stevenson made some great comments on a recent post called, “Managing managed services.” He rightly pointed out that a carrier that builds custom OSS to support each managed service contract is losing sight of what really matters – they’re delivering the tools rather than the services.


It made me consider this follow-up post to provide a little more commentary and thought around the concept.

At the carriers I was discussing, they had core OSS tools, such as provisioning engine, field worker task prioritisation, event handling, etc. But they then built satellite OSS for each managed service customer that fed into the core. These satellite tools would just show what was important for each customer, including their services, projects, SLAs, faults, etc.

This satellite OSS concept provides us with an interesting concept. Core OSS tend to work on Telco / eTOM models, whereas ITIL / ITSM has become increasingly prevalent in managed service “delivery” or “presentation” to the customer so that it dovetails into their IT processes and reporting.

ITIL to eTOM mapping isn’t trivial, so it provides even more reason for the satellite OSS to be templated for each new managed service customer. It provides more impetus for the carrier to present what matters to the customer, services not tools, as Douglas suggests.

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