More cars registered for phone numbers than did handsets in Q1/16

In the first quarter of 2016, more cars were registered for phone numbers in the US than were personal cell phones.”
From an article named, “Five technologies for the next ten years

The article starts, “Over the next decade, mobile, the Internet of Things, machine learning, robotics, and blockchain technologies will change a great deal…” The report talks about how these technologies will change the oil and gas industry. Have you noticed that all of these technologies rely on the communications industry (with the possible exception of robotics [assuming that the authors are not talking about soft robots here])?

These technologies are likely to change many industries, not just the oil and gas industry. However, the communications industry is in the unique position to not only be influenced by these techs, but also to influence them. The comms industry, with its OSS / BSS tools as a delivery mechanism, have the opportunity to not only provide the data streams (the carriage) to support these disruptors, but to provide the platforms for these techs to disrupt.

The headline statistic shows the type of industry-led demands that are awaiting deliver mechanisms to be supplied. The comms industry (and OSS) can either supply the obvious part of the delivery chain (ie the carriage), or get out of its comfort zone and supply the parts that industry is demanding (ie the ecosystems and their applications).

Or, as the article closes, “However these technologies evolve, and at what pace, it will be better to run ahead of the curve than behind it.”

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