Network SCAMS

Networks will be fundamentally changed by a set of SCAMS, which in turn will force an evolution in future OSS:

  • Social Media
  • Cloud (and Virtualisation)
  • Analytics (and Big Data)
  • Mobility
  • Sensors”

This quote comes from an upcoming market report that I’m preparing for release soon as a follow-up to my book, Mastering your OSS. The report is designed to look more into the future of OSS rather than the battle-hardened OSS delivery techniques discussed in the book.

You’ll have noticed that I regularly cover analytics and cloud delivery mechanisms here on PAOSS so I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into the sections of the report on Sensor Networks / Internet of Things, Social and Mobility factors.

Social Media
Social media interactions like comments, likes, tweets, shares, etc are already providing customer sentiment trending information (eg precursor to Net Promoter Score results) that helps marketing and business units, and that is likely to flow down to the technology groups and their OSS

Personalised service is a current mega-trend so factors like where people are, where they go, where they spend, friend finder, map-context overlays, find-a-deal, location-aware personal alarms, office finder within a campus, personalised check-in, augmented/game realities with location context (urban interaction) and location-based advertising/marketing are just a few of the sample contexts that OSS could supplement. Mobility data also enhances OSS’s ability to provide spatial command & control and workforce management context.

Prof Mischa Dohler suggests there are two major disruptions happening in relation to the telecommunications industry – one is an internal one of making the very painful transition from hardware to software (and all the related configurability) and a second one that works for the Telco industry in its ability to offer totally different applications than we’ve seen before.

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