Data Integration Planning

Developing a Data Integration Plan

Do you have to develop a plan for getting a truckload of data loaded for your OSS? There are usually so many factors to consider when planning a data load, particularly if you’re loading data into production environments.

This course describes the approach to planning, collecting, augmenting, cleansing and integrating data into your OSS. The areas covered include:

  1. Understanding scopes and phases of migration
  2. Identifying data sources
  3. Identifying data destinations and associated data models
  4. Understanding required mapping rules
  5. Risk and mitigation planning
  6. Developing a migration methodology and process that includes:
    1. Data / object categorisation
    2. Data gathering
    3. Script development
    4. Temporary loading
    5. Data manipulation
    6. Data testing
    7. Permanent loading
  7. Developing sequencing and scheduling

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