Slicing and dicing like a Japanese master-chef

There’s a myriad of important metrics used across the world of telco, ranging from technical to marketing, to financial to executive. As discussed yesterday, OSS / BSS has an influence on many of these key metrics.

Not only that, but the volumes of data collected by most OSS / BSS give scope to slice and dice like a Japanese master-chef. You can look at the big and broad or the small and targetted. You can look at the big-influencers or the long-tail. You can piece together cross-channel journeys or investigate within the siloes.

Are you looking for insights or driving efficiencies? Are you generating a self-improving feedback loop or conducting a forensic analysis?

Apart from operations teams, many parts of a service provider aren’t aware of the value of what our OSS / BSS collect. I feel that it’s our job to evangelise our OSS / BSS far and wide to overcome this gap, adding more value to more people.
Data is only as helpful as the questions you throw at it, so as evangelists we can start by seeking out questions from beyond our normal cohort, beyond the colleagues / teams we normally associate with.

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