Start-up Accelerator BOLT invests in CROSS Network Intelligence

Start-up Accelerator BOLT invests in network solutions as it starts to cooperate with CROSS Network Intelligence.


Start-up Accelerator BOLT, an O2 Company, announces a new investment in solutions for network infrastructure, by taking a strategic stake in software developer CROSS Network Intelligence (CNI). The investment will allow CNI to further develop its CROSS software into a full-fledged platform for Communication Service Providers and to focus on quickly expanding into the European and World markets, primarily through strategic Partners.

CROSS is a next generation operational network inventory system designed to unify Physical, Logical and Service inventory into a single operational view of the network. The system enables top down queries identifying network components associated with a service, as well as bottom up queries optimizing capacity management, services sales and revenue assurance.

This results in many directly identifiable and measurable benefits. For example, the system allows the user to identify resources that are not being utilized effectively, including unused or underutilized transmission capacity such as leased lines, and realize savings typically in the range of 5-20% of operating costs.

“With our solutions, we can significantly shorten the time to discover the root cause of failure and save operating costs in the network by tens of percents per year,” added Tomas Dolezal, CEO of CROSS Network Intelligence.

BOLT Start-up Development is part of O2, the Czech Republic. The unique O2 relationship provides access to an extensive infrastructure and working environment with a broad customer and sales base. Additional advantages that BOLT bring to CNI include networking resources as well as potential collaboration with leading Telecommunication Industry experts.

Jakub Minarik, Head of BOLT Start-up Development said: “Lowering the cost of services is a main theme for telecom network operators nowadays. CROSS allows us to identify additional savings in the -typically very complex- network operations, while increasing the quality of services. CROSS complements the existing portfolio of the O2 Group with a tool for unified inventory and operational support of ICT infrastructure. We strongly believe that CROSS SaaS can further complement the portfolio of services for customers of O2 Cloud and other ICT Managed Services, as well as for customers of Professional Services O2 ITS.”


Start-up accelerator BOLT enables Start-ups to raise capital necessary for further growth. It also offers access to ICT technology and to the commercial channels and customers of O2.


CNI is a young, dynamic software company primarily serving the Telecoms, Utilities, Cable and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Industry. With their CROSS family of products for management and support of network operations, CNI have managed to acquire an exciting and growing group of customers and partners.

For more information please visit the CROSS website at or contact them at

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