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OSS play a part in many activities within CSP environments. Some of those activities are common, some rare, and others still require a large dose of human decision interactions.

However, most of those activities will have been done before, more or less. This should mean that OSS have seen it all before (more or less).

So if they’ve seen it all before, it seems to me that they should:

  1. Be able to replicate the actions (requires machine learning which is an important objective for our industry but tough to accomplish) or
  2. Be able to suggest a course of action to a user based on past actions
  3. Be able to compare sets of past actions / outcomes to see which was most efficient

Today’s blog focuses on point two.

The challenge for point two is having the ability to store a database of learnings. Operators, once they’ve solved a-problem, then tend to move on to the next problem because there’s lots to do and it’s too time-consuming to record what they’ve done.

Well I’d like to proffer that it’s too time-consuming because our OSS don’t provide the tooIs to do so easily.

It’s painful to curate a wiki or a knowledge base.

So perhaps we can provide

  • Audio-visual recording of the steps our operators have taken and have the ability to play back for training or decision support purposes
  • Speech to text to quickly turn our thoughts into insights that others can use

After all, we love to tell our colleagues how we’ve solved important problems, but we rarely document them do we?

In the field recordings would be particularly invaluable and could form part of as-built packs.

The great thing is that speech to text and screen capture libraries are readily available so developers will be able to implement this idea relatively easily.

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