The CAPEX tri-chotomy

“The proposed AT&T/Time Warner deal combines two powerhouses. AT&T is the nation’s largest pay TV provider, the second-largest wireless provider, and the third-largest home Internet provider.
Time Warner owns a dizzying array of media properties, including HBO, CNN, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, TBS, TNT, the Cartoon Network and broadcast rights to many live sporting events. But it does not own Time Warner Cable, a separate entity that the cable company Charter Communications bought earlier this year.”

You’ve probably already noticed reports on this proposed mega-deal. As the link above indicates, the legacy CSP (AT&T) is strengthening its transition into the DSP market. Meanwhile the OTT play (eg Google, Facebook) are investing in high capacity networks.

With these moves, the CAPEX dichotomy is being supplemented with a third, hybrid model that seeks to control the supply chain from content creation to delivery to content consumption and support.

Does this open the door to an OSS that tracks and manages the user experience from end to end through these channels or do they stay as structurally separated as the business units within the conglomerates?

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