The signal in the noise

In our life and our OSS we’re now bombarded with so much info that it can be overwhelming. We have to understand what really matters to know how to set up the right filters.

Have you ever noticed how life in OSS, just like our email inboxes, is an endless stream of activities with a never-ending set of urgent tasks that need to be completed?

But whilst we’re embedded in the urgent, we don’t get the head-space to think about what is important. I think the same is very true of OSS.

And the solution seems to me to be the same in both fields – dedicating time away from busyness to resolve the important. In OSS, this means taking time out to think about what filters to put in place or what to focus more / less on.

An example would be to take the time to analyse and build rules / algorithms that reduce the “clutter” data hitting the screens of your operators. Another is to create projects to analyse and streamline processes. Another is to look beyond daily operations and see what your organisation needs most. The list is loooong.

Just like with spread spectrum, it takes a particular attention to the detail to find the signal in the noise.

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