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I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my latest publication, an eBook entitled, “Valuable OSS – Delivering a Return on Your Investment in Operational Support Systems (OSS).” You can grab it for free until 25 July 2015 via the link above or by clicking on the image below-right.

Also keep your eye out for another free eBook that will be arriving shortly that will shine a light on the brilliant insights of some of the foremost experts in our field.


Valuable OSS - Delivering a Return on Your Investment in Operational Support Systems (OSS)


Valuable OSS  consists of a series of articles originally published here on that were inspired by two wonderful reports entitled, “CAPEX is king: A new playbook for telecoms execs” and “We need to talk about CAPEX – Benchmarking best practice in telecom capital allocation” respectively.

These two CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) reports highlight a number of the investment challenges that face the telecommunications industry in response to the over the top (OTT) business models that telcos are now competing against.

Valuable OSS builds upon these concepts to provide a series of recommendations on how OSS can contribute a greater amount of value to the organisations that invest the time, effort and capital into them.

The name itself, RETURN on Invested Capital (ROIC) implies that some form of feedback loop is required to justify a ROIC. It is the return component that is rarely measured or managed on OSS projects, partly because it is so difficult to measure. This book provides the reader with the means of turning intangibles into measurable returns, for the purpose of justifying an initial OSS business case, as well as future investments.


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