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Are you currently evaluating the right OSS product / vendor for you? If so, have you developed your OSS product or vendor selection process yet? You can find a few OSS product / vendor selection hints here based on the numerous vendor / product selections we’ve helped customers with in the past.

Alternatively, If you’d like personal introductions to any of these vendors, or personalised market analyses done, we’d be happy to help.

The following matrix provides a list of the vendors that produce and/or integrate OSS, BSS and/or related tools:

Vendor URL Products/Services 1 2 3 4
Accenture www.accenture.com
Advantage360 www.advantage360.com
Agile Network Systems (ANS) www.agilenetsystems.com
Agilis Acquired by Infogix www.infogix.com
Alcatel-Lucent Acquired by Nokia https://networks.nokia.com/solutions/oss
Amdocs www.amdocs.com
Aricent www.aricent.com
Aruba (Airwave) Part of HPE www.arubanetworks.com/products/airwave
AsiaInfo www.asiainfo.com
Astellia Acquired by EXFOwww.astellia.com
Biarri www.biarri.com
bigpanda bigpanda.io
BMC www.bmc.com
Cacti www.cacti.net
CA Technologies www.ca.com
CBeyond Acquired by Birch Communications www.birch.com/
CBOSS www.cbossgroup.com
Centina Systems www.centinasystems.com
Cerillion www.cerillion.com
Cherwell www.cherwell.com
ChikPea www.chikpea.com
Cisco www.cisco.com
Clarity Now part of Synchonoss www.synchronoss.com
Comarch www.comarch.com
CommTel www.commtelns.com
Communications Data Group (CDG) www.cdg.ws
Comverse No longer exists, but is part of Mavenir and Amdocs respectively
CROSS Network Intelligence www.cross-ni.com
CSG International www.csgi.com
CVidya Acquired by Amdocs www.amdocs.com
DGiT Systems www.dgitsystems.com
DigitalRoute www.digitalroute.com
Dorado Software www.doradosoftware.com
DonRiver www.donriver.com
Dynamic Design www.dynamic-design.com
Elitecore (Sterlite Technologies) www.elitecore.com
Emersion Software Systems www.emersion.com.au
Enghouse Networks www.enghousenetworks.com
Ericsson www.ericsson.com
ESRI www.esri.com
Etiya www.etiya.com
Evolving Systems Inc www.evolving.com
FNT Software www.fntsoftware.com
FTS – Formula Telecom Solutions www.fts-soft.com
GE www.gedigitalenergy.com/GIS.htm
GlobalGig iGEM acquired Globalgig from Voiamo www.globalgig.com
Guavus www.guavus.com
H2O by Overgroup www.overgroup.com
Hewlett-Packard www.hp.com
Hot www.hottelecom.com
HTK www.htk.co.uk
Huawei www.huawei.com
IBM www.ibm.com
Infonova www.infonova.com
Infosys www.infosys.com
Infovista www.infovista.com
Itential www.itential.com
ItsOn www.itsoninc.com
Ivanti www.ivanti.com
Kaseya www.kaseya.com
Kentik www.kentik.com
LogMatrix www.logmatrix.com
LogNet Systems www.lognet-systems.com
Mahindra Comviva www.mahindracomviva.com
Matrixx www.matrixx.com
Mavenir www.mavenir.com
Metratech Acquired by Ericsson www.ericsson.com
MindCTI www.mindcti.com
Mobileum www.mobileum.com
Moogsoft www.moogsoft.com
MyCom OSI www.mycom-osi.com
Nagios www.nagios.org/
Nakina Systems Acquired by Nokia www.nokia.com
NetCracker www.netcracker.com
NetAct Part of Nokia’s acquisition of Siemens www.nokia.com
NetworkMining www.networkmining.com
NetPlus StoneCalibre acquired NetPlus from Ventraq netplustms.com
NetSAS www.netSAS.com.au
NetX (The Quality Group – TQG) www.tqg.de
Neural Technologies www.neuralt.com
Nokia www.nokia.com
Nuage Networks Part of Nokia www.nuagenetworks.net
Opencloud Acquired by Metaswitch www.metaswitch.com
Openet www.openet.com
Opmantek www.opmantek.com
Optiva (previously known as Redknee) www.optiva.com
Oracle www.oracle.com
OSI Acquired by MyCom www.mycom-osi.com
OSSera ossera.com
Peter Service www.billing.ru/en
Prodapt www.prodapt.com
Quob Park Solutions Formerly SMI Telecomshttp://www.quobpark.com/solutions-division-overview/
Rapid7 (acquired Komand) www.rapid7.com
Rightcloud www.rightcloud.asia
ServiceNow www.servicenow.com
SevOne www.sevone.com
Sigma Systems www.sigma-systems.com
Simfonics Acquired by Amdocs www.amdocs.com
Solarwinds www.solarwinds.com
Subex www.subex.com
SunTec Business Solutions www.suntecgroup.com
SunTech / SunVizion www.sunvizion.com Related to www.suntech.pl
SynchronOSS www.synchronoss.com/
Tango Networks www.tango.ie
Tata Consultancy www.tcs.com
TechMahindra www.techmahindra.com
Tecnotree www.tecnotree.com
Telchemy www.telchemy.com
TEOCO www.teoco.com
ThousandEyes www.thousandeyes.com
TNSI www.tnsi.com
Usha Martin Technologies www.ushamartintech.com
VC4 www.vc4.com
VPI Photonics www.vpiphotonics.com
WANDL Acquired by Juniper www.juniper.net
WebNMS www.webnms.com
Xalted www.xaltedcorp.com
XINTEC www.xintec.com
Xius www.xius.com
Xtraction Acquired by Ivanti www.ivanti.com
Zabbix www.zabbix.com
ZTE wwwen.zte.com.cn

!! Additional vendor matrix updates are still coming. If I’ve inadvertently overlooked your OSS organisation, please contact me!!

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  1. Hi

    Please add Bigpanda.io
    To the list



  2. Good that you have ItsOn for BSS – IN/PCRF capability can be used to manage your data bundles.

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