Voracious OctopOSS

Most consultants tend to read voraciously, seeking new ideas and insights as they emerge around the world. Because of the many dimensions of the problems we address, it is important to read both broadly and deeply.”
Pamela McNamara

OSS technologies and techniques are constantly evolving so OSS consultants and integrators have to allocate time towards learning just to remain current. Renewal of databases, programming languages, interface mechanisms, hardware platforms, high-availability techniques, network technologies, vendor tools, etc are all but mandatory.

As the quote above suggests, OSS consultants need to also seek new ideas and insights as they emerge around the world… in diverse areas of study – project delivery, change management, simplification, process efficiency, leadership, innovation, communication techniques, stakeholder management, psychology, sales, process modelling, data mining – the list goes on.

It seems to me that there are always technologists at hand on any OctopOSS project, so the OSS consultant who understands the technologies but also brings lateral techniques and unexpected connections will add a significant extra dimension to the overall solution.

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