Question for you:
Do your OSS users also use ubiquitous tools like Visio, PowerPoint, Excel and others to help perform their day-to-day workflows?

I have two contrasting views on this:

  1. POSITIVE: They have carefully specified their needs and they ‘re rightly using the OSS only to do the most important / efficient tasks, using swivel-chairing to ensure simplicity at all levels of the OSS; or
  2. NEGATIVE: They can’t do their important tasks efficiently with the tools you’ve provided and have to kick out to other efficiency tools to get a workflow done

Where do your users fit on the continuum between positive and negative? If they’re closer to the negative end, what can you do to improve the situation?

Have you ever observed your user body to see how they accomplish their end-to-end workflows and watched precisely where they kick out to other tools?

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2 thoughts on “VSD, PPT, XLS

  1. One large MSP in Malaysia does exactly this. The reason being, current OSS is not fit for their growing network and hence they resort to COTS/Manual Work (PPT, XLSX, DOCX,)
    The largest areas where this happens is in Change Management and Event/Incident Management.

  2. Wow! That must be a big challenge on Event / Incident management Dharmesh, or are there relatively few events?

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