What data resolution fits best?

If you were able to shrink the Earth to the size of a billiard ball, it would be the smoothest sphere ever created. Hard to believe this if you live near the edge of the Grand Canyon.”
Seth Godin

Great analogy above from Seth. The same goes for data.

We’re constantly hearing about Big Data, but in a recent article entitled, “Minimum Viable Data (MVD),” we posed the question of aiming for Small Data.

Truth be told, different analysis situations require different resolutions on your data – sometimes big data, sometimes small data and sometimes in the continuum in between.

Big data is needed to find the insight that is hidden in the nuances (eg a Grand Canyon tour guide).
Small data is needed where the insight lies in visualising big picture concepts (eg the teacher showing where the Grand Canyon is on the world map).
Medium data is needed on selective sub-sets (eg the bus driver’s road-map of Arizona showing how to get to the Grand Canyon)

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