With knowledge comes power

You’ve got Amazon knowing everything about purchasing, Google knowing everything about what people do on the Internet, and Salesforce knowing everything about the revenue side of a business.”
Scott Raney

The big question for CSPs as they make the transition to the more modern Digital Service Provider (DSP) business models is, “what big thing can they know everything about and use to help their customers be more efficient and profitable.

Telcos were most profitable when their services supported business. The telephone was used to create leads, close deals, control supply chains, etc. With e-business models, that has shifted to online marketing, analytics on marketing (amongst other things), digital supply chains, etc.

Telcos are no longer providing the tools that organisations value most (except perhaps mobility access to all the more important content and apps).

OSS have the potential to become enormous customer insight engines on behalf of the CSPs, but only if they’re taken beyond being seen as operational tools only.

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