Backed into a corner

As soon as we feel attacked or backed into a corner, it’s almost inevitable we will fall into “Fight” or “Flight.”
Dr Stephen Samuel Lomax

When a CSP has been backed into a corner by their OSS vendor, when for whatever reason the OSS is not delivering what the CSP needs but they are locked into the existing OSS, have you noticed that a fight or flight mentality can develop?

Either way, the CSP’s trust in the vendor has severely deteriorated. That generally doesn’t lead to the CSP generating new projects that include the vendor. The lock-in contract or lock-in technology tends to reduce the likelihood of the repeat business that is so important when vendors tend to have such a small number of customers to market to.

I can’t help but thinking that the CSP must always be left with options. Options that include using alternate vendors to provide some or all of the products / activities that you provide.
The up-front flexibility also means a buying choice is easier for a wary CSP.

The challenge for the vendor is to ensure their products and services provide such intrinsic value for the CSP that they wouldn’t consider using the flexibility card they’ve been handed (ie they continue to use the vendor because they provide great service).


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