Beaten up

You can cultivate optimism by…. Remaining up-beat even when you’re beaten up
John C. Maxwell
in Failing Forward.

Any significant OctopOSS project will find a way of beating you up somewhere along the way. Working with small teams on international projects, away from the support network of home, it was obvious to me that the team members who were able to remain up-beat were of enormous value to the team. They diffused many tense situations in the pressured environments that are OSS deliveries / cutovers and produced outcomes well beyond what they delivered technically.

The converse is true too. On a small project team, a negative attitude can be equally contagious and drag the morale of the whole team down.

The positive impact has been so noticeable that I go out of my way to bring humour and positive energy to every project I work on. All else being roughly equal, I’d take the positive attitude / influence over a slight technical proficiency in almost all situations.

How about you? Which would you take or have consistently taken in the past? With what results?

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