Big OSS or little oss?

The jungle drums continue to beat – does OSS have a future? I keep hearing people discussing its imminent demise.

OSS can have many issues and the term OSS possibly doesn’t have the greatest name in all circles because of these issues. But I can’t go past the fact that even if the term OSS, as we know it today, completely disappears we will still need operational support systems to deliver insights and efficiencies from communications networks and related infrastructure / content. Perhaps Big OSS is losing relevance, but little oss still has a big say in future of digital businesses.

To use an analogy, whilst the momentum of SDN (Software Defined Networking) seems to be stalling at the moment and may yet fail to achieve relevance, software defined networking in some other form is all but inevitable.

In five years, will we be talking about big OSS, little oss or something else entirely? Similarly, SDN, sdn or something else entirely?

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