Cisco packages Moogsoft with VMS

Cisco Packages Moogsoft’s Incident.MOOG With Its Virtual Managed Services (VMS) Software for Service Providers and Adds Incident.MOOG to the Cisco General Price List.

Moogsoft, announced that Cisco’s Cloud and Virtualization Group will offer its Incident.MOOG service quality and productivity improvement software to MSPs, telco service providers, and cloud-driven enterprises. The global agreement allows Cisco to resell Incident.MOOG generally, as well as package it specifically for its virtual services offers including Virtual Managed Services (VMS).

“Service providers are looking to SDN and NFV technologies to harness the speed and agility of cloud services to deploy new, competitive offerings to market, cutting the time and cost out of ordering, provisioning and changing Managed Services,” said Jean-Luc Valente, vice president, Cloud and Virtualization Group at Cisco. “But the increased complexity adds a service assurance burden. By including Incident.MOOG as the incident management component of Cisco’s Virtualized Managed Service, telcos and MSPs will have an out-of-the-box capability to automatically detect issues that may affect tenant service quality and address them before they become service disrupting.”

Service providers can bring to market new value-add services delivered by virtualized network functions including routers, switches, load balancers and firewalls. These services include CloudVPN and Managed Security Edge Gateway, and deployed in an OpenStack based overlay network running on Cisco’s Intercloud Service or in the service provider’s own data center. Incident.MOOG will come pre-configured to immediately detect service-impacting faults and improve operational workflow using a situation-approach. By clustering related events and alarms into a substantially reduced number of situations, this situation-enabled workflow results in faster resolution of incidents for Tenants of Cisco’s customers and enables them to actively participate in the support discussion.

In fall 2014, Cisco Investments, alongside Wing Venture Capital and another large public corporation, joined Moogsoft’s Series B round of funding with a strategic investment, which totaled $14.3 million. Incident.MOOG is also deployed within Cisco IT, the organization that manages Cisco’s internal infrastructure and Applications.

“Cisco supports virtually every large service provider globally and thousands of enterprises rely on Cisco hardware, software and services to deliver value to their customers,” said Mike Silvey, co-founder and executive vice president for business development and strategy at Moogsoft. “No other monitoring or event management service has truly proven itself in an era where machine data is exploding and configuration management databases have been rendered useless. Cisco recognized it would take a data-driven technology that was architected for complex, dynamic IT environments to proactively capture and surface the IT issues that affect service delivery and impact customer experience.”

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