Comptel announces FLOWONE V solution

Comptel Announces FLOWONE V Solution to Address Telcos’ Need for Digital Service Lifecycle Management.

Comptel Corporation (OMX Helsinki: CTL1V) announced that it has enriched Comptel FLOWONE, giving telecommunications operators the means to better manage digital service lifecycles and meet customer experience and market expectations for virtualised service offerings.

The FLOWONE V solution, which runs on top of Comptel’s fulfillment stack, incorporates virtualised network function onboarding and service chaining, digital service design and orchestration, and dynamic, closed-loop service assurance. It allows operators to transform their current service delivery processes by connecting the cloud and physical resources (e.g. compute, storage, network) with business management processes and systems (e.g. customer care, billing, customer order management).

“Telcos must prepare themselves now to manage digital services and their lifecycles to secure their revenues for the future,” said Caroline Chappell, Practice Leader, Cloud & NFV, Heavy Reading. “They continue to be well-positioned as digital economy communications and connectivity providers, or they can step up and become service aggregators across partner ecosystems. But to be successful, they need to enable internal and external users to compose any kind of digital service in their portfolios, including network functionality expressed as digital services, into innovative and personalised products.”

“To properly address the business opportunity for digital services, operators have to be able to innovate, create, deliver and manage these services on-demand, accurately and in ways that are contextually relevant for Generation Cloud,” said Antti Koskela, Executive Vice President, Service Orchestration, Comptel. “A digital service management layer such as the one offered by FLOWONE V will help ensure telcos’ agility, as it supports the rapid ingestion of and the ability to compose and deploy digital services comprised of virtualised network functionality, IT applications and third-party content.”

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