Doing things differently

The man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”
James Crook

A large proportion of OctopOSS projects fail to achieve their original objectives. This suggests that alternate approaches are required within the industry.

I once worked on a project that had been guided by five project managers (PM) in two years, each with their own outstanding merits as individuals. But the OctopOSS had whacked them all. The project was bogged down in documentation, reporting and meetings (including whole-of-Saturday meetings every week between vendor and customer that tied up almost the entire project team). The project was far from completion and with progress payments nowehere in sight, the vendor was struggling to fund their project team.

Then the newest conductor (ie PM) turned his back on the crowd. Documentation was minimised, status reports were quashed, meetings were reduced and implementation was given prime focus. Rather than requesting status reports, the PM spoke with his orchestra (all the members of his team) one-on-one to understand their progress, risks and issues. The PM was then armed with enough information to hold one-on-one meetings with his customer’s counterpart, freeing up his orchestra to play their music.

Within weeks a stagnant project had come to life and within months the customer approved $20M of progress payments.

A genius waved his wand!

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