Exatel S.A. Chooses CSG

Exatel S.A. Chooses CSG Assure to Improve Voice Quality and the Customer Experience.

Exatel S.A, one of the largest voice transit carriers in Poland, and CSG International announced that Exatel has chosen CSG Assure to boost the customer experience with improved quality of service.

CSG Assure boasts one of the world’s largest test networks. It is delivered in the cloud as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to reduce installation time from weeks or months to mere days and removes the need for large capital expenditures. Assure’s proprietary test probes have been installed in more than 130 countries and 430 networks around the world.

EXATEL SA is owned by the PGE Capital Group (Polish Power Grid) and is a leading telecommunications operator in Poland, providing solutions for carriers, business and public service sectors. The company has a direct interconnection with nearly 60 national and 90 foreign operators, both voice and data. Advanced TDM and VoIP switching network facilitates transit and termination of voice traffic routed from and to all over the world, as well as through Europe and Poland itself. EXATEL SA manages as well one of the biggest data transmission network in Poland with a throughput of up to 8 Tb/s in a DWDM backbone which provides low latency transfer with the shortest optical connection between Frankfurt and Moscow.

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