Hell’s Kitchen, OSS style

Gordon Ramsay used to run a TV show called Hell’s Kitchen where he would take a failing restaurant and would attempt to transform it one expletive at a time.

I’m not remotely interested in reality kitchen shows but I did watch a couple of episodes of this one. Enough to notice a trend happening. He would always:

  • Simplify the menu
  • Seek to understand the customers and what they want (with an understanding of the local situation – palates and produce)
  • Coach the team
  • Market the new concept

Following on from yesterday’s post on variants, it seems to me that cloud providers tend to follow the Hell’s Kitchen approach to service offerings and their management more so than CSPs.

Whilst their recipes might be complex behind the scenes, they can focus and automate because they keep variants to a minimum all the way through their stack.

CSP OSS menus tend to look more like the typical Chinese restaurant with hundreds of options, but without the modularity (ie black bean, teriyaki, chicken, beef, etc)

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