How quickly could your OSS set up a pop-up shop?

When I last looked, Passionate about OSS had been seen from over 180 countries. Many of those countries have probably witnessed the pop-up shop phenomenon. I suspect many have not (yet). For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, it sees organisations taking up short-term residence to deliver customer experience, most often in retail environments (more info on pop-up stores here on wikipedia)

As a test of the nimbleness of your OSS / BSS, how quickly would your OSS / BSS allow you to set up a pop-up store to take advantage of a transient opportunity? Similarly, how quickly could it all be torn down again?

Let’s say your organisation’s ideal retail location becomes available for 2 weeks between leases to other companies at a ridiculously low rate. How quickly could they set up a new location, source / ship the right equipment, organise all the necessary comms infrastructure, issue all the work orders, activate all network services, plan the digital signage, kick off the analytics that will give you an indication of the success of your first foray into the pop-up model, etc? Could you do all this on a week’s notice? A day? A month?

Now let’s say you’re a service provider. How fast could you do this for your customers if they wanted to open a pop-up store? Do your product structures even allow for short-notice, short-term contracts? What value-added services could you offer to these types of customers to help them fire-up / shut-down quickly, such as cloud services for point-of-sale, signage, back-of-house, etc?

As an aside, one of the other reasons why this pop-up model might work for service providers is to get to locations that would otherwise not be serviced viably by their retail outlets. For example, here in Australia there are a lot of very remote communities that aren’t permanently serviced by any of our service providers. The financials simply don’t justify it. But perhaps the numbers do stack up if the retail experience was made available on a one week a quarter basis… if their OSS / BSS could support it without much effort!

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  1. Best I’ve seen is a month to spin up a service provider and I’m sure it’s six months minimum for any organisation to turn a service into an operational OSS system.
    Saying that: why can’t we spin up cloud with an agile delivered service to a remote community over nbn satellite?, it probably takes the sales team more long lunches to close that deal than put into production?.
    Critical path:10 business days

  2. Hi Scott,
    Perhaps we need to join the sales team instead of trying to make our OSS / BSS and related processes more nimble! 🙂

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