Huawei and Infosys announce alliance

Huawei and Infosys Announce Global Partnership to Offer Cloud, Big Data and Communication Solutions.

Huawei and Infosys announced a global partnership to jointly offer enterprise customers with cloud, big data and communication solutions. The alliance brings together the Huawei’s expertise in information communication technology, particularly cloud infrastructure and Infosys’ global IT service expertise.

Collaborating to develop IT solutions, the partnership will target enterprise customers seeking to modernize their operations by leveraging the cloud infrastructure. Huawei hardware will be used to build reference architectures and standardized solutions for big data platforms. Integrating Huawei customer contact technologies with communication services from Infosys will offer enterprise customers a best-in-class communication call center experience. To support the delivery of the partnership Huawei and Infosys will explore opening a laboratory in China. In addition to this partnership, Infosys and Huawei will continue to strengthen their existing work in Business Process and Information Technology.

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