The Most Exciting OSS/BSS Innovations of 2022

Report - The Most Exciting OSS/BSS Innovations of 2022

We are currently living through a revolution for the OSS/BSS industry and the customers that we serve.

It’s not a question of if we need to innovate, but by how much and in what ways.

Change is surrounding us and impacting us in profound ways, triggered by new technologies, business models, design & delivery techniques, customer expectations and so much more.

Our why, the fundamental reasons for OSS and BSS to exist, is relatively unchanged in decades. We’ve advanced so far, yet we are a long way from perfecting the tools and techniques required to operationalise service provider networks.

In people like you, we have an incredibly smart group of experts tackling this challenge every day, seeking new ways to unlock the many problems that OSS and BSS aim to resolve.

In this report, you’ll find 25 solutions that are unleashing bold ideas to empower change and solve problems old and new. 

I’m thrilled to present these solutions in the hope that they’ll excite and inspire you like they have me.

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Vendors included, in no preferential order:

  1. 2operate
  2. ActivePort
  3. ADVA
  4. AN10
  5. Anodot
  6. Appearition / Air Inspect Australia
  7. Aria Networks
  8. Avanseus
  9. Bentley
  10. Cisco
  11. CSG
  12. Cubro
  13. DFG Consulting
  14. EnterpriseWeb
  15. Ericsson / Nvdia
  16. InfoVista
  17. KX
  18. Mavenir
  19. Neo4j
  20. Netcracker
  21. Rakuten Symphony
  22. Techsee
  23. Trendspek
  24. Twinkler
  25. Zeetta

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